The Integration of Faith and Politics

The church is God’s community; that is a spiritual network of faith with mandate to represent the hobby of God on the planet. Through this spiritual community, God wants to reach out to the secular network. We are to evangelize the community closer to God. This is our first assignment to evangelise repentance. And then reveal the diakonos and apostolic mandate. Acts6:1-eight.We are to minister to the complete guy, we want to offer life coaching. The handiest organization which has solutions for dying international is the church. We are God’ stewards.

Stewardship is needed in our communities. Who is a steward? A steward is every person charged with a duty to take proper care of that which isn’t his or her as a result susceptible to give a complete account of his or her stewardship ” It is required that a steward be located trustworthy”1 corinthians4vs2. Every steward is accountable to the one who appointed him or to his grasp, in this case a nation and its herbal or economic sources are God’s property and people are God’s advent. We are charged with obligation and responsibility whether or not as politicians, monks, network leaders or conventional management to Manage, Develop and Preserve what God has created.

Two words will again and again come out each time you discover the phrase stewardship in any context,” Responsibility” and “duty” We are to maintain the country from spiritual,morally,in your price range and social corruption and contamination by any method. We are to manipulate, expand and keep the national, social in your price range, non secular and public affairs and well control the countrywide resources, country wide investments, and national treasury. We have a responsibility and duty to enhance the social, cost effective and moral standards of our groups as church leaders. It’s unlucky that the church avoided whatever which entails network.

Ungodly people corrupt society, Corruption is really sin and gross wickedness which delays the social, political, in your price range and spiritual development of a country. When a country denounces the authority of God and godly principle of governance a seed of decay and erosion of morality, justice, peace, integrity and the concern of God takes vicinity. This will lead a country into a extreme social and ethical breakdown beyond human comprehension.


Community management is ordained through God and not with the aid of guy, in keeping with the e book of Romans13:1 both the government and its citizens has responsibility closer to each other and also toward God as the writer and owner of the whole thing. Every one needs to treat country wide responsibility and country wide management as sacred God is concerned how we rule and the way we govern his people, although in society today we can also have one of a kind sorts of structures however the final account can be given to God. The rule of God through Godly leadership via prophets or priest or clergy is referred to as a theocracy.

In any sense guy needs to be ruled in particular while man rejects God Why?, If guy isn’t ruled via whatever we are going to face chaos.1Timothy1vs8-nine Democracy itself is not a biblical system or order but the word government has again and again seemed inside the scriptures Romans13:2. While democracy is the paintings of guy via philosophy and politics, authorities and authority ids ordained by using God. Legend politician Margret Thatcher as soon as admitted in a public speech that “We cannot make it with out faith” What she supposed was we can not make it without God; A godless society is an evil society.

In most case inside the Bible the kings of a nation via their management made the kingdom to sin, this is actual even now Bad management,


We are charged and mandated by means of God as Christians to keep the kingdom from moral disaster as we see human beings departing every day from what is proper to pursue their lewd feelings, sinful targets and ungodly personal agendas and self gratification which certainly is the cult of self worship and Gnosticism. People will continually are seeking one of a kind manner in which they could discover that means to their lives, satisfy their own lives and be happy as human being but all we arrive at is extra confusion and human problem. Commonly that is achieved in seven classes

We have a obligation as a church to do the subsequent aspect in our international locations.

1. Give spiritual guidance.

2. Give prophetic path, a country with out a prophetic voice and a prophetic path is doomed.

Three. Preserve, expand and control our countries for God. The first obligation God gave man was to take care of the earth and to rule properly over the entirety he created on the planet. We want to understand that nature renovation is God’s will for man. We want to attend to our natural assets, our health, our jobs, our environment etc.

Four. Be exemplary to the circular world of ungodly human beings and political leaders.

5. Be a relied on organization in which each society and our government will run to for spiritual course and answers.

6. To disciple our nation for Christ following the extraordinary fee within the ebook of (Mathew 28vs19).

7. To pray and intercede for our nations in line with the book of (1Timothy2vs2-4). We want to have special and particular prays for our national leaders and pray for them instead of cursing them if we are to live peaceful lives.

8. Be a socially and spiritually relevant company body of Christians.

9. Keep our national religious gates via radical and aggressive spiritual conflict and intercession.

Providing Godly national management does not only imply becoming g a President of a country however it method is you can offer godly leadership in whichever surroundings God has put you in.It may be in a civil society, NGO, Church employer, CBO, UN company or a government branch. God needs that we carry fruit and high quality outcomes in which ever vicinity he has area d us in.

You may be a civil servant as an instance a policeman or a teacher or a Member of Parliament or even a cupboard minister. You have to show competency and integrity as a Christian that is the first step into providing Godly and non secular management. You presence as a Christian ought to command recognize in these types of establishments. Community management does no longer begin from the pinnacle although in report or in principle it does however in practice it starts from the grass root those who work without delay with troubles and people at ground stage. As Christians we need to deal with our jobs or employment as sacred and a stewardship which we’ve received from and no longer just a method of incomes a living. As a Christian your labour in everything isn’t always in useless, its both it’s going to bring correct fruit or horrific fruit so be careful the way you labour.

If your labour is good it will virtually contribute to network development, renovation of or society and environment and right management of God’s advent.


It’s inspiring to look churches in the west and other advanced nations emerge to deal with troubles regarding societal and network affairs. Africa remains struggling to locate means and capability to respond to the social ills in society. Biblically primarily based assist and Christ focused packages aimed at supporting the community have to be designed from a theological, non secular and biblical factor of view. For instance, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and drug recuperation programs should be a part of the church’s undertaking declaration. These packages shape part of what ministry is. Ministry is turning into relevant to people in need and troubled.

Spiritual steering is essential to assist form society and provide stable non secular and ethical basis. Where is the church amidst most of these social ills and realities of the day? The church should reconsider it is position in shaping the future of society; in any other case posterity will decide the church harshly

The church as an corporation of God in the world has a clean mandate and responsibility to locate permanent and true answers to human predicaments. Armed with the phrase of God and God’s anointing, the church is able to address substance abuse efficiently, the best hassle confronted is little or lack of emphasis. The church’s training agencies left out this a part of spiritual and social education or skill.

The church is strategically placed on the earth to cope with spiritual and social ills. Therefore, it is now not in the first-rate hobby of the church to sentence and shun from the issues affecting the broader society. The church can not condemn substance abuse, if inside the period in-between it is doing nothing to prevent or address the trouble. To show that the group of the church isn’t tailored toward addressing this matter, we have no structures and applications designed to tackle the problem.

We have inadequate people to deal with the problem. All fall into the so called pastoral obligations. In my opinion, the church must have spiritual practitioners who are skilled with each religious and social skills to cope with the hassle. Those suffering from substance abuse ought to see the church as an area of safety and help and not an area wherein the stigma is rife and at its height.

If the church is certainly a modern kind of institution, known as to foment a social revolution via selling justice, lifting up the sanctity of human lifestyles, preventing for the underdogs and hard the winning cost system in our international, then it appears we have to be out in front on social problems which have an effect on humanity

It’s clear that the church has significantly overlooked this part of the gospel. The church’s reaction to matters of social dysfunctions such substance abuse and HIV/AIDS could be very a great deal wished and fall inside divine jurisdiction and mandate of disciplining the humans for the kingdom of God. Failure to reply to such problems with urgency means that the church has lost its motive and relevancy to society.

Salt is good. But if the salt has misplaced its relish, wherewith shall or not it’s seasoned? It’s neither in shape for the land, nor for the dunghill; but guys cast it out. He that has an ear to hear; permit him listen. Luke14:34-35

The church then should with open hands facilitate the restoration, deliverance and rehabilitation procedure. Such a method can through warmly receiving men and women who’re struggling with dependancy into the circle of relatives of believers with out judgment and stigma. I agree with new birth does correct someone’s ethical and non secular existence.

The greater calling of Christianity is to serve the church and society round us. Some may additionally serve God in a extra submissive way and a few may also selected to serve God in society on a more competitive role. Such kind of aggressive role might also consist of taking over country wide and political leadership. Other Christian’s coronary heart motivation is to be manner makers, fashion setters and pace setters.

It’s no longer in opposition to the word of God for a Christian to have have an effect on in the areas of countrywide management and political platform and disciple the international locations for God we’re charged with extra obligation and divine mandate to recommend for fact, uprightness, justice, integrity, morality and fair play in our corrupted society.

Fruitfulness in the lord goes beyond simply preaching the gospel to win souls but it includes creating a nice contribution towards our society and promoting the kingdom of our God. So our vocations are part of the more plan of God for our lives and calling. God needs us to serve beyond church borders and reach out to mankind. Ministry is bigger than what we have made out of it, it goes beyond church walls.

I personally discover not anything wrong with Christians being concerned in network affairs. I inspire Christians to take in political positions due to the fact that is what God supposed for guy, to have dominion and rule on the planet with worry and apology. Nations are our responsibility to govern; it is our stewardship to accomplish that. Discipling the international locations for God is part of the more calling and stewardship of the church.

And God stated allow us to make man in our image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over Genesis 1vs26
And God blessed them and God said unto them be fruitful and multiply, and fill up the earth and subdue it and feature dominion. Genesis1vs28

The first-class in us should be realized and well launched to our generation. Our groups lack religious management to disciple them for God. Lack of correct teaching in the areas of enterprise, politics, governments, education, network and vocation has made the church despise and withdraw from the very and maximum important institutions of society wherein God desires us to be effective and take price.


Desiring to serve at country wide level or in political leadership is very prophetic and apostolic. These capabilities are apostolic mandates. This sort of management is progressive and transformational.

In my exam of what we verify or ascribed as doctrine, I even have observed nothing biblically and spiritually incorrect with politics, but what I have found are bad politicians. So for my part, political leadership occupied by way of Christians isn’t always forbidden in scripture but it is seen as stewardship of kingdom.

It’s best dogmatic theology, conservative theology and religiosity which discourage this sort of Christian involvement and obligation. All exceptional guys of God within the vintage times each within the bible and our state performed a element inside the political status quo and liberation of our countries.

Great guys of God inside the bible together with kings, levites, priests, judges and prophets were spiritual leaders who performed a part in social existence and community management at society. They took the voice of God in all spheres of life. They represented the hobbies of God as touching the international locations. They radical and notably took element in the affairs of the international locations as ambassador of God People who are reformers in our society have a tendency to have a prophetic spirit or waft within themselves.


For a long time, Christians whether protestant, Pentecostal, catholic and charismatic have debated the problem of politics and commercial enterprise. Many recommend a entire separation of Christians from politics and commercial enterprise why? Politics and commercial enterprise are secular and of the satan. Such mentality, attitude and negative theology is chargeable for the careless boom of poverty among Christians and the body of Christ in preferred.

Further such is to be blamed for gross wickedness and corruption within the political arena. As the church changed into chickening out from commercial enterprise and politics evil advanced and took over society. We need to receive that business, money and politics are sacred and identical to ministry and require stewardship. Poor theology has misinformed, mind washed and faulty many Christians to that money is evil, commercial enterprise of the devil, politics is terrible and dirty.

My question can be if money, politics and business are evil? Don’t you suspect employment itself can also be evil and must be deserted? Some Christians are hired in agencies which do commercial enterprise which isn’t always even supported through scripture, some work in governments which can be led with the aid of politicians. Honestly we should take delivery of that politics, enterprise, amusement, education form a part of our economies. The degree of lack and poverty among Christians has carelessly grown to this quantity because of the subsequent elements;

1. We eliminated covenant advantages from our instances
2. We believed in sacred /secular cut up
three. We withdrew from secular (politics, business, schooling, fitness care and enjoyment.
4. We gave the secular over to evil
5. We interpreted the bible in one of these way as to promote worry, gloom and escapism
6. We regular the imaginative and prescient of us as receivers, tails, borrowers and underdogs and ran to hid.
7. We prophesied gloom and doom and waited for the take over of the enemy.

The secular is darker because light was withdrawn from it as Christians retreated.

Is politics evil? It’s definitely hard to show from scripture that politics is evil. But what I have discovered is that God has no trouble with politics but he has a hassle with evil, corrupt and terrible politicians’ bad governments and bad political structures. Just like cash and enterprise, what is inaccurate is what people do with their cash; cash isn’t evil through itself but can reason you to do excellent or evil.

For instance, with cash I can pick out to shop for food for my children or I should buy cocaine capsules for my personal destruction. Same with politics I can pick to serve people and the network I constitute or pick to be a liar and a corrupt leader. What is inaccurate is what humans do in politics.

Any politicians who’ve now not God’s interest and peoples hobby ultimately will become self serving and self in search of or electricity hungry ensuing inside the abuse of electricity, citizen rights, public money and the opportunity given him by means of the voters.

A preference to guide in any political ability is not a sin however such duty comes with extraordinary demands and better expenses to be paid especially in case you are a Christian.

Leadership isn’t always delight but an ordination of God, via those avenues God wants to disciple the countries via his kids. We need to disciple our nations for God and no longer to present them away to Satan.

When the righteous rule human beings have a good time, however whilst the depraved rule humans mourn Proverbs29vs2 (KJV)

We have to take the voice of God into commercial enterprise area and we’re going to be greatly surprised as we understand the energy of anointed enterprise ideas and decisions.

Secular work, ministry, charity, politics and commercial enterprise are sacred earlier than God, so Christians ought to paintings their jobs and do business with the equal passion and dedication as given to ministry.

The church have to be positioned to take God’s voice into all spheres of existence i.E, arts, politics, medication, training, justice and so forth.

The ever growing financial lack and burdens in the body of Christ preclude the development and put off the increase of many Christian church buildings.

Incubating our congregation in commercial enterprise, economic, political and funding incubators will extend our have an impact on and paradigm for success. Spiritual leaders and their followers are purported to be financially and spiritually wealthy as we constitute the advantages of the lord”

Biblical economics demands that each one Christians worried in business should acknowledge that God’s creativity guides the righteous in business. Further, employers who’re Christians must pay fair wages to their personnel and pay bonus or increase wages for boom in manufacturing and contribution to the commercial enterprise.

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