Indian Food & Beverage Processing

In India, the extent of processing is 2% for fruits and greens, around 35% for milk, 21% for meat and 6% for chicken merchandise.

Fruits & Vegetables

The total Indian market size of fruits and greens turned into $ 47 billion in 2006-07 and is anticipated to develop as much as $seventy five billion by means of 2015. Though culmination and greens make a contribution 23% of the general food enterprise, its contribution to the entire food Vizzy Hard Seltzer Reviews processing enterprise is best 4%. The fee contribution of processed end result and greens in general fruits and veggies market is set 7%. Of the overall processed end result and veggies, handiest 38% is contributed through the organized sector and relaxation of the processing is undertaken by using the unorganized region.


Dairy, one of the fundamental individuals to the Indian meals processing industry, is likewise main in phrases of boom possibilities among numerous sectors. The overall marketplace length of the dairy industry become $45 billion in 2006-07 and is expected to grow up to $83 billion via 2015. The predominant fee in dairy enterprise comes from the processed category, that is 73% in value phrases and 35% in extent phrases. Of the processed category, the organized quarter contributes 24% and the predominant contribution comes from the unorganized quarter in the shape of candies, domestic-made ghee and yogurt, among others.

Marine and Fish

The general market size of marine and fish enterprise became $nine billion in 2006-07 growing at 4% consistent with annum. It is predicted to grow up to $12 billion by way of 2015. The processed phase accommodates $1.2 billion that is 13% of the total industry length.

Beer and wine

Beer and wine is an emerging quarter inside the Indian food enterprise. While the intake of beer is developing at 7% consistent with annum, wine consumption in India is witnessing excessive increase of 30%. The general market size of the beer and wine industry changed into $2.3 billion in 2006-07 and is predicted to develop up to $5 billion with the aid of 2015.

Buffalo Meat and rooster products

The total market size of buffalo meat and rooster merchandise changed into $5.Five billion ($2.2 billion buffalo meat and $three.Four billion hen merchandise) and is expected to grow as much as $11.3 billion with the aid of 2015. The overall marketplace is developing at 11% whereas the processed class is developing at 18%.

There is a want to set up an integrated supply chain like warehousing, bloodless chain and delivery from farm gate to the meals plate for robust from side to side integrations. Public-Private Partnerships should be endorsed within the sectors of joint infrastructure tasks, R&D, ability building, statistics sharing, worldwide branding and so on.

A paradigm shift is needed in the manufacturing gadget from deliver driven in the direction of marketplace call for pushed production. It might require collective endeavors of all the stakeholders’ proper from the R&D firms, extensions, market players and the government equipment.

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