I’m Obsessed With Video Games!

We pretend to be living in a different world. There’s a chance it could be wrecking your life.

Let’s look at the symptoms of it

Not falling asleep on time. It’s something many do later rather than earlier. We just keep on playing and don’t get our heads down. Sleeping patterns can evolve so we don’t feel like sleeping. Getting out of bed will not be easy the next day. Gaming takes a lot of focus. It’s normal to then feel fatigued the next morning.

Replaying games. You always have an aspect of gaming on your mind. Perhaps when out for a walk. May be on holiday. Even when out cycling. However the person is imagining playing the game they love.

Life takes a back seat. You only care about being able to game on your time off. Our relationships break down. People don’t do any exercise. Showering could become increasingly rare.

Playing too much. More and more time is devoted to gaming. They may even deny how long they’ve been playing. All their time is on a games console

Anxiety. You might get easily annoyed if you gaming poorly. You have to enjoy playing the บาคาร่า สูตร game. Have a period off when you notice your mood being effected.

Case study

Oliver loved Starcraft II. He didn’t play too often when he began. But soon work gave him time off. Sessions started to get longer and longer. He went to bed later and later. Thinking about gaming became his only thoughts. Speaking to his family took a backseat. He rarely went into work. All of this just to be gaming. Within six months everything had changed. He rarely saw friends. Work had given him the sack also.

Playing can be great fun. It’s also worth millions of dollars. But people can become obsessed. Be alert to the problems we looked at above. Make sure you know when you’ll end gaming by. This will help to keep you safe. Play Safe.

Brian liked playing Starcraft. He didn’t play too often when he began. However he then had a few days off work. Immediately he was playing for extended periods. He began going to bed later and later. He couldn’t take his mind off Starcraft Strategy. Friends hadn’t seen him in weeks. He began not going into work. All of this just to be gaming. Within six months everything had changed. He rarely saw friends. His employers had had enough by then.

It is important to remember not to over do it when it comes to gaming. Plenty of people game absolutely fine without no problems what so ever, but if you are one of those people who really do get obsessed and addicted, then seek help from your support network. Your support network can include people like your family, friends, teachers and if it gets really bad then your local doctors clinic.

Remember, gaming is for fun, if it takes over your life then maybe it is not the right thing for you to do.

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