A Guide to Subdivision in Western Australia

Costs Related To Subdividing Property In Western Australia

Please observe, the prices and situations mentioned in this newsletter had been written with regards to subdividing belongings in Western Australia. If you’re thinking about subdividing belongings in areas out of doors of WA, I I advocate you are trying to find recommendation from a neighborhood city making plans / surveying consultant.

The purpose for various fees

There are many exclusive estimates that get thrown around concerning the prices of subdividing land. In pronouncing this, the wide various estimates are to a degree legitimate as every unique subdivision has its very own set of specific occasions.

Below are some indicative costings and dialogue as to what it may cost a little to undertake a typical 2 lot residential subdivision with an current residing to be retained. In maximum situations, surveyor’s charges will now not be too unique between a 2, three or 4 lot subdivision, however, infrastructure servicing expenses will growth.

Sewerage, Drainage & Plumbing

A certified plumber is generally required to assist with sewerage and drainage plumbing. The dialogue below relates to survey strata subdivision where PVC pipes are enough. Freehold (inexperienced title) subdivisions require a concrete pipe sewer extension to the Water Corporation’s sewer mains.

Sewer plumbing charges will vary depending on location and depth of the sewer mains. The function of the sewer connection will dictate how a ways, if in any respect, the inner belongings sewer will want to be extended to service the new lots. If an present residing is to be retained and the prevailing inner sewer line traverses thru the new lot/s, it’s miles likely that the prevailing sewer line will need to be realigned to inside zero.6m of the boundary.

A sewerage connection point might be required for the brand new survey strata lot/s. In Western Australia, the Water Corporation currently permit this to occur off the existing Inspection Shaft connection.

As the vicinity of sewer infrastructure is website online-unique, plumber’s expenses will range. In cases where the prevailing house is to be retained, from my revel in, the cost of pleasing sewerage requirements for a 2 lot subdivision is typically upwards from $three,000+GST.

Drainage plumbing costs will again range depending on web site-precise circumstances. The requirement for whether or not drainage is needed is basically dictated by using the belongings’s soil kind. Some Local Governments are glad for drainage to be resolved as part of the later building manner. It would be unreasonable to provide an estimate for drainage fees as they are able to vary pretty notably and also in large part rely upon the proximity of the Local Government’s drainage network.


In Western Australia, the Water Corporation Headworks Contributions is around $6,000 (no GST) per additional lot being created. That means 1 x $6,000 for a 2 lot subdivision, 2 x $6,000 for 3 lot subdivision, and so on.


To set up a inexperienced energy dome (pillar) for a 2 lot subdivision, Western Power fee round $1,500 (no GST), around $2,000 for a 3 lot subdivision. When developing four or extra plenty, the fees are on a case-by-case basis and may growth quite appreciably. This is basically because of the reality that the expenses aren’t subsidized like they may be for amalgamations and a couple of-3 lot subdivisions.

Licensed Electrician

If an present residing is to be retained then the energy to this living will want to be transformed from overhead to underground. An electrician will essentially provide an underground connection among the inexperienced dome and the existing dwelling, and also coordinate with Western Power for the removal of the overhead energy line. If coordinated well, the existing dwelling is usually left without energy for only a few hours.

Again, the distance from the inexperienced pillar to the residence and any encumbrances including difficult ground or concrete between the pillar and the house will influence overall prices. In my enjoy, 2,000+GST is a sufficient estimate for an underground electricity conversion for a 2 lot subdivision. For a three lot subdivision, a transmission board is required and the fees might commonly be around $3,500+GST.

The Battle-axe Driveway

If mission a war-axe subdivision (i.E. Residence behind residence), then a built and tired driveway will need to be supplied for access to the rear lot. This can also already exist if the driveway for the rear lot will make use of the driveway for the prevailing residing.

The majority of Local Governments will allow a warfare-awl driveway to be bonded, as they admire that it is going to be damaged via concrete trucks and other heavy motors throughout the development of the rear residing. Some Local Governments will ‘clean’ the war-axe production circumstance if they may be provided with 1.Five times the development quantity. If, for instance, the cost of the new driveway might be $6,000 to assemble, then the Local Government would require $9,000. This is fair and reasonable as there desires to be an incentive for the landowner to assemble the driveway in due direction. Upon the construction of the driveway the bond may be launched. Alternatively, a few Local Governments are willing to go into into a commercial litigation lawyers agreement, which prices in the order of $1,500. It should be stated, there may be an growing tendency for Local Governments requiring struggle-axe driveways to be brick paved as opposed to concrete/bitumen for classy functions.

Cash-In-Lieu of Public Open Space

The Planning & Development Act now offers the ability for a subdivision approval condition to impose a monetary contribution in lieu of imparting Public Open Space – that is simplest applicable to subdivisions comprising of 3 or more masses.

This situation has and keeps to capture developers out after they least anticipate it. If a Cash-in-lieu of Public Open Space condition is imposed on a subdivision, then to satisfy the condition it will cost 10% of the unimproved valuation of the whole belongings. For instance, on a belongings with an unimproved value of $six hundred,000 the fee to ‘clean’ the situation would be $60,000. It is notably advocated which you studies whether this sort of situation will be relevant for your own home prior to embarking on a subdivision for 3 or greater plenty.

Surveying Related Costs

Surveyor’s expenses will commonly include patron liaisons, a domain characteristic and contour survey, the education of the subdivision plan, the management of the subdivision approvals procedure, very last pegging, drafting of the Survey Strata Plan and the lodgement of plans with Landgate. As a trendy indication, $eight,000 inc GST may be sufficient for a 2-three lot subdivision which include some of Government associated prices which amount to about $2,500.

Other Miscellaneous Costs

* Tree elimination (now not a situation of subdivision, but a probable value if considering promoting vacant lot/s)
* Filling in and compaction of any water bore on the brand new vacant lot/s
* Removal of clothesline from vacant lot and erection of new clothesline on house lot
* Fencing isn’t always a condition of subdivision (until belongings abuts a reserve), but a likely price if considering promoting lot/s
* Removal of redundant crossovers
* Shire contributions together with footpath and/or avenue upgrading
* Removal of present storage/carport for present residing if positioned inside new lot
* Construction of latest storage/carport and related driveway and crossover for house lot
* For twin coded land (i.E. R20/30), then a beauty upgrade can be required for the present residing
* Storeroom for present dwelling to be provided
* For twin coded land it within reason not unusual that unit designs will need to be organized and authorized via the Local Government prior to subdivision on the higher density code (i.E. R30 in the case of land coded R20/R30). In a few instances the gadgets need to be constructed previous to subdivision
* Settlement agent prices for making application for brand spanking new titles
* Surveyor to assist landowner with dealing with finishing touch of subdivision conditions
* Demolition of sheds/outbuildings and so on – does it contain asbestos?

General Overview Of Total Cost And Time: The most inexpensive a 2 lot subdivision can fairly be undertaken for is approximately $20,000 (where the whole assets is vacant). For a 2 lot subdivision wherein an existing dwelling is to be retained, $30,000 will usually be enough. Due to servicing costs, it is approximately $10,000 greater for each additional lot to be created.

The fastest new titles can moderately be created for vacant land subdivision is four months. In maximum cases, the technique takes approximately 6-7 months in which an current residing is to be retained. The developer performs a major function inside the eventual time frames because the faster contractors and Government corporations are paid, the faster the vital paperwork may be taken care of out and issue of new titles.

Having worked for the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and for the planning department of a local council, Joel Carter has good sized enjoy in each aspect of the subdivision planning approval method. Joel has assessed and lodged a diverse variety of improvement and subdivision programs. His perception into the making plans evaluation and surveying method has, on many events, stored customers heaps and ensured a easy transition from plan submission through to the introduction of titles.

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