What Is an Intranet? A Guide for Success

Setting the Baseline for Success

This article is aimed to assist in getting you and your committee at the equal web page with commonplace intranet enterprise phrases, so you can paintings from a communal knowledge whilst evaluating and selecting an intranet software program platform. Please use this short reference manual as a useful resource to help you as you compare unique intranet answers, if you want to recognize the use case for intranet software program and intranet features alongside your path to best intranet security choice and deployment achievement.

Here are the top 10 crucial definitions you’ll use during your software choice process:

What is an Intranet? & Other Common Terms

1. Intranet: a community based totally internet site with restrained access for precise contributors, usually restricted to a agency – employees and different contacts with granted authorization – used to proportion records, streamline collaboration and automate commercial enterprise duties within a secure surroundings.

2. Content Management: an intranet application that organizes the collection, management and guide of information which include permissioning, archiving and collaboration.

Three. Corporate Social Networking: an intranet utility that allows personnel to engage and collaborate through the web page via commenting & score, posting wall messages, reputation updates, following colleagues sports/feeds, immediate chatting, answering short polls and growing different network sports together with buy & sell boards, recipe facilities and on-line photograph albums.

4. Document Management/Repository: an intranet utility that stores, tracks and manages files including setting policy revisions, publishing & admin roles, permissions, evaluate dates, archiving and study confirmation.

Five. E-Forms: an intranet utility that offers a platform to build digital paperwork as a means to take away paper driven-responsibilities along with the advent of surveys, tests, mileage log bureaucracy, embedded spreadsheets, formulation, triggers, workflows, and routing.

6. Enterprise Search: an intranet utility that structures and indexes records and files within the intranet, which can be achieved through content tagging, complete text document indexing and meta data looking, to retrieve applicable records/files upon query request.

7. Extranet Users: customers that get right of entry to the intranet from outside the community which might be given confined access to precise areas of the intranet web site or are built extranet best areas of the intranet by the intranet administrator.

Eight. Homepage: the access point into the intranet that typically showcases company information gadgets, often used corporation assets, and popular/applicable content frequently prepared by using widgets with smooth architecture and display options.

9. Mobile Intranet: the cell entry gateway to your intranet which can be accessed thru a cell tool using the identical web cope with as your modern-day intranet site or can be mainly enabled mobile intranet web page to offer quick access to high-visitors users regions along with worker directory, employee workspaces, employee walls, bookmarks, signals and corporation search.

10. Security Permissioning: an intranet feature which can set view, get entry to, edit and publish permissions to certain records, documents, folders, pages and sites on the intranet via intranet directors which can be defined according to user, in line with position, consistent with group, in line with department, and so forth.

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