Make Your Computer Faster – Don’t Buy Into The Marketing Hype

“My computer is most effective a yr vintage and it’s miles running rather sluggish, why?”.

I can’t be counted how regularly I actually have heard this word. Here is the problem: Computer producers, or need to I say assemblers, want so one can come up with numbers a good way to make you purchase every other pc each 2 or three years. They don’t need you to upgrade because they make less money like that. If they say that a 3ghz processor will make your laptop run quicker than a 2ghz processor, you may probably take the bait.

Guess what! It ain’t that clean.

Let’s speak about how a laptop works after which we can talk approximately the way to make yours faster.

Boot up:

1. The fans activate and start cooling stuff before it receives too hot. About 2 – five sec.
2. The motherboard does a Power On Self Test of all the hardware components it is able to or desires. Approximately three-eight sec.
Three. The motherboard assessments for an working system on the partitions of the pressure. No time
four. The OS kernel is loaded into reminiscence. The amount loaded relies upon on the quantity of ram you have, so sure more ram makes it load extra into reminiscence of the kernel. The kernel BTW is the principle part of the OS that it desires to run at all times, the center functionality. [Depends on the speed of the hard drive and the amount of ram, but usually between 10secs to a minute]
five. The user interface is loaded (in home windows this is explorer.Exe)
6. Offerings are began, print spooler, wireless 0, wins, and so on.. [about 5 – 10 sec]
7. Programs you have mounted that begin at home windows startup are loaded into reminiscence [depends on # of progs]
eight. Wi-fi community connection attempts to hook up with nearest router. [depends on network card etc, but usually about 3 – 10 secs]

Notice that the kernel loading takes the maximum time. This is dependent on the amount of ram and the speed of the difficult force, in addition to the quantity of fragmentation. Fragmentation is whilst a record is damaged into portions and spread out most of the sectors that make up the difficult power.

Your tough force has a seek time that tells you an average of ways long it takes to discover a piece of a file on the hard force. Slower tough drives have approximately 12ms are searching for time and faster ones have as low as 4 ms are searching for time.

Once the hard force has observed the report it has to load that report into ram and then the CPU can do what it wishes to that document or chunk of information, this speed depends at the hard drive bit price or mbps or mega-bits consistent with second. Most difficult drives have a velocity of between 30 -forty mbps, if the records isn’t always fragmented.

As a long way as velocity is going, the hard force is the single biggest bottleneck, however before we speak about that, let’s talk about exactly what a part of your pc is being used for common packages.

A. The most commonplace, of course is an internet browser.

1. Static html, first your internet connection is the restricting issue, due to the fact we need to await it to download the photos and html and THEN the browser can render the content material it downloaded. Pointless to mention your CPU can system this plenty quicker than it could be pulled in from the web.

2. HTML + javascript – identical obstacles as #1, except depending on the complexity of the javascript, the performance can rely upon the rate of the CPU and it is potential to run the javascript because this a a hundred% CPU operation as soon as the script has been downloaded.

3. Flash – equal as #2, the flash engine’s speed is CPU structured

4. Video Streaming – internet connection speed, CPU, and video card established. The CPU approaches the video, the video card renders into and pushes it to the monitor (word however that any laptop less than eight-10 years antique will deal with non-hd video simply satisfactory). The internet connection determines how excessive of a chunk fee video we can view. A 5mbps int. Conn. Can manage 500k video, and so forth..

B. Microsoft Word

*this software will no longer gain a lot from a faster pc, it just is not than extreme

1. Opening phrase – difficult drive loads it into memory, cpu renders the user interface

2. Non-stop spell test and grammar test – cpu established, although your pc could have to be actually slow to notice a difference.

3. Loading big documents – difficult drive speed decide the intitial loading time, and the ram + cpu determine how nicely you can manage the document and whether is stutters when scrolling.

C. Video สบาย99 Games

1. Loading the sport first of all can be slower or faster relying at the hard power velocity.
2. Recreation play

a. Body rate relies upon on the hard pressure presenting the content, the ram gives the difficult force a larger garage vicinity for the cutting-edge content and the video card + cpu deal with the rendering and polygons and so on..
** no modern recreation to my expertise take advantage of dual core cpus in any way.

D. Photoshop

1. Preliminary load – tough drive based

2. Making use of filters – cpu

three. Commencing and manipulating a large document – ram + cpu + video card

** no longer dual core optimized

E. Viewing digital images in home windows explorer

1. Beginning images – hard power

* If you ever wonder why now and again home windows explorer takes some time to show the drives and folders, that is 100% due to the speed of your hard pressure and the proportion of fragmentation.


Look at the chart and determine out which activities you do most to decide which components you need to improve. EVERYONE will gain from a quicker hard pressure and extra ram, it’s far just simple.

I extraordinarily suggest getting more than one difficult drives and configuring them in a raid to increase overall performance throughout the board.

Press [windows button] + r. Type in msconfig. Deselect all of those options and restart.

DEFRAG your tough power once every week. Did I point out getting a couple of difficult pressure? You want to now.
Go to my pc->proper click at the power-> properties->gear->defragmenter.

Get as a whole lot ram as you may.

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