Games For the Samsung Behold – Next Generation Cell Phone Takes on the iPhone

The Samsung Behold phone is one of the new technology phones, or a so-referred to as phone. It has all the current features, like accelerometer, touch-display, may be used as an internet surfing tool and as an organizer, as it has all the important packages, however the question that remains is: can we use it as a mini game platform?

Are the games any excellent?

In the phone’s technical specs list video 우리카지노 games are listed as a “Yes”. Because the phone has the touchscreen feature, this opens the gate to an entire new category of video games, the type that have been commonly performed by using iPhone owners and that couldn’t be ported to another platform because of the fine of the touchscreens and the response time, which became often too lengthy to permit a fulfilling sport play experience.

Things seem to have modified with this new Samsung Behold, as we are able to find to be had for download a very lengthy list of full display touch video games, out of which maximum have pretty high technical and video requirements.

Here are just a few names, that every gamer possibly already knows: Bubble Bash 2, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, Battle Ships, Cooking Mama, Luxor Quest, Assasin’s Creed 2, Bejweled, Diner Dash 2, and many others.

However, if the touchscreen characteristic has been in large part exploited by way of recreation producers, they appear to have overlooked another crucial and innovative characteristic, which could enhance the gaming experience and provide a whole new global of opportunities: the accelerometer.

Using the accelerometer characteristic, games can without problems be played from any role of the telephone, due to the fact it would allow flipping or turning the phone and the sport display might turn and flip with it, to permit the participant to hold everlasting eye contact with the sport.

There were registered some person court cases concerning this accelerometer difficulty. When launching a few games, users get a message like this: “this sport works higher in panorama mode” or that the sport will most effective paintings in that mode, however when flipping the tool, no action takes place. This is manifestly because of the accelerometer, which has not yet been well integrated inside the video games software program.

Another way this selection could be utilized in video games might be through growing challenge that can be resolved via easy moves of the actual smartphone, like tilting it, raising up or decreasing it, etc, and in case you want an instance of this kind of recreation than you have to discover some recreation play motion pictures for iPhone’s Labyrinth sport.

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