Concrete Countertops? Are They Really a Good Idea? By Bob Current

Concrete counter tops feels like a awful concept. Just the thought of the use of the equal element that sidewalks and streets are fabricated from to build a countertop seems strange.

Why Should I Use Concrete To Make A Counter pinnacle?

In fact, concrete is a totally sensible material for use in kitchens and toilets. Don’t consider it as your sidewalk used as a counter pinnacle. This is a completely exceptional use of an vintage fabric with countless possibilities to express your creativity.

To start with you can shape it anyway which you need. Then you could grind, polish, stamp, texture or stain it. Countertop mixes can be mixed to match almost any color. You can embed objects within the countertop that have unique that means for you or create tremendous styles. There are glass chips that you can add to create a sense of intensity. There are even special glow inside the dark chips that you may use.

One of the primary motives that house owners are the usage of concrete for their countertop’s is it is flexibility in layout. You can effortlessly incorporate useful capabilities like sinks, drainboards and butcher blocks into the layout. You can sculpt, mould or texturize it for your personal flavor.

Each of the samples provided by special concrete countertop contractors will always be extraordinary due to their own non-public specialized strategies.

While the end product is concrete, the reality that each chicago countertop contractor makes use of their personal special blend of different types and quantities of concrete and mix of aggregates creates totally precise counter tops.

Even the cement itself will vary depending upon what part of the u . S . From which it originates. Then there are unique manufacturers of pigments, stains, and mixture colorations, so a concrete countertop will always be precise.

It’s also a material that the common do-it-yourselfer can easily use to create some thing each unique and significant while saving money.

How Are Concrete Countertops Made?

Usually every concrete countertop contractor could have their personal proprietary construction strategies. In popular, but, right here are the basics.

– Contractors will either pre-forged your countertop in their keep or construct it on site.
– Pre-casting in their shop lets in managed situations, specialised device and tables plus it maintains the countertop within the contractors ownership at the same time as it is cured and sealed.
– Some contractors choose to build the counter tops at the task website because they are able to shape the countertop exactly to a purchaser’s unique wishes.
– Whichever approach, discover a contractor whom you’re secure with and has references that you could verify and spot the fine in their paintings.
– Countertops are fashioned with a combination of cement and severa additives .
– Some of the additives are for reinforcement. These reinforcements improve the countertop and can be product of fiber, mesh, fiberglass or other substances.
– Other materials are brought to provide shade or texture.
– The counter tops are then cured. The time this takes can vary with the sort of substances used.
– The surface of the cured counter tops are often ground. Depending upon the texture and end the client dreams grinding can upload durability and beautify it’s splendor.
– The counter tops are then continually sealed. The form of sealing material and range of coats will vary from contractor to contractor however the idea is to lessen maintenance.

How Durable Are Concrete Countertops

Just like marble and granite, concrete corners or edges can chip if struck by using a hard item.

You should not cut some thing at once at the surface due to the fact again, like marble or granite, slicing without delay on the concrete floor may want to result in scratches and gouges within the end of your counter.

You additionally shouldn’t put warm pans at once onto the surface due to viable harm to the sealer.

The backside line seems to be that concrete countertops are an exceedingly versatile and durable product that any home preservation mission can gain from. Even do it yourselfers can get lovely consequences. What’s no longer to like?

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